Getting to Know your Spirit Guides!

A spiritual guide is perhaps not what everyone thinks. For starters let me tell you a spiritual guide has nothing to do with religion, with the church or anything along those lines. Not all people involved in spiritualist churches believe in spirit guides as described here.  A spiritual guide is someone who first has improved himself to live well, and because of their welfare has enabled the Universe to help other people. We all have our spiritual guides.

They are beings of light who are with us always, to guide us in our spiritual development, help and protect us. We perceive when we listen to our intuition, this voice that sounds within.

Your spirit guides can guide and advise you. They will tell you if there is anything you need to know.

Because of his experience in many issues of life, they can guide and counsel people about any problems, without making any distinction, it is a spiritual guidance. Sure you will find many spiritual guides anywhere in the world, but the trick is finding a good spiritual guide really help you improve yourself.

They can help to many questions related to your spiritual evolution. It is the best way to know the essence of your personality at this point in your life.

The following questions are only an example of what you can bring. Each of us is concerned about a particular aspect at all times that we are living and which can help us to overcome situations, to understand, to work that aspect that will help us to overcome and ultimately evolve.

There are two types of Spirit Guides, The incarnational and assignees. The incarnational are an avatar of yours, I mean the sum of all your past lives, your higher self. They say that all human beings in the astral have another name that you can not pronounce on this physical plane, only known by our guides. Those assigned to you are independent entities, they are to give you advice and help.

The Guides are always there because they live in an instant of time. They never judge us, nor be weary of us if we take wrong ways. They never say they are not bad by any decision we made.

When you need a friend that does not judge, that only love and having a higher perspective, turn to your Spiritual Guide. The Guides are always humorous, laughter and lightness in his heart. They can call them only in this aspect and ask such a big hug, love or glare.

People can have any number of guides either sex or no sex at all. Gender is something you feel determined because in some way.

You can find them wherever they are. They will connect with you right there with you will mix and rise. No need to even do anything. Meditation helps, but your Guides can find them anytime you ask him. They are always there. Ask your guides to help you work through your fears, because this is a great starting point for your spiritual growth.

One thing we haven’t mentioned yet is love – the all important emotion that makes the world go round and especially in the spirit world. There are many different types of love, for example see this sad love story, but whilst we many have problems with affairs of the heart here on earth, you can be sure that love is unconditional in the spirit world.  You may like an angel reading to help you gather your thoughts at times of stress.  Your guide can be present to influence the outcome.