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Communicate With Spirit Guides and Extracts from 'Spirit Guide' by Raym.

Thank you for your service. I no longer need you. Please leave me now. By the law of grace I command that you return home to light NOW!”

If you find resistance to this exercise, e.g. headaches, nausea, physical pains etc., or if you find yourself becoming emotional as you make the affirmation, discontinue and seek a reputable practitioner who specialises in “clearing” or “rescue” work. That person should be a loving, wholesome person that you (or your friend or family member) feel completely comfortable with.

“Clearing” is a calling, not a trade or profession, it should not cost a fortune or take a long series of sessions to deal with this situation, neither need it be frightening or painful. Look hard and you will find someone to help, probably by word of mouth. It is a specialised area of healing that calls for a particular type of dedication.

As earthbound spirits, ghosts have refused their opportunity to transit to the higher planes because of their attachment to the third dimension and a particular person or place. This attachment means that their energies are focused so intensely on this plane that we occasionally perceive their presence and movements. Ghosts are stuck. Their existence is like a constantly repeating loop tape, a nightmare that they will remain in until a medium or spiritual healer intercedes. They have created their own personal purgatory. As awareness of the higher dimensions increases, we can expect a dramatic increase in sightings and interactions of this nature.

Ghosts can be helped out; it is not too difficult. In helping a ghost transit to the higher realms you are helping a tortured and confused spirit find peace, assisting in clearing the astral or fourth dimension, creating a more harmonious space here on Earth and helping the people who are experiencing the haunting. Ghosts are real. Please take them seriously and help out if you can. Contact a reputable psychic, spiritual healer or your local spiritualist church if you become aware of this situation.

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Communicate With Spirit Guides

Communicate With Spirit Guides and other Financial Terms cont.

When incarnating in bodies here, human beings accept the privilege of living on Earth with the understanding that we will protect, love and honour her in return for her sustenance. It is only natural to look after your own mother, to love her and ensure she is well looked after.

Although she loves us dearly, this living Goddess Gaia is suffering from our neglect and abuse through pollution, deforestation, overpopulation and over exploitation. Since the birth of the industrial age we have, in a staggeringly short time, raped and plundered her resources almost to exhaustion, losing touch with our relationship with her in the process. Our abuse reached such an extent that, when we exploded the first atomic bomb, she sent out a distress call throughout the Universe. The beings that should be nurturing her were systematically destroying both her and the other creatures she was created to sustain.

Many loving beings responded choosing to help by being born here now as volunteers. They are working as or with indigenous people, are environmentalists, artists, musicians, writers, performers, or are light-workers, teachers and healers. They might have trouble remembering who they are and why they came here, but most are awake or waking up, becoming aware of the truth and daring to be who they really are.

Each and every human being has a responsibility to care for our host, Gaia. Each and every one of us is capable of creating huge and dramatic change in the way that humanity perceives our relationship with Earth. All we need to do is think, act and talk about how we can care for our habitat and, in so doing, return some love to Mother Earth, who has supported our species so generously for such a long time.

As well as physical interaction, meditating on world peace and affirming your love for our host, Earth, each day is a powerful contribution to our planet’s wellbeing. I recommend the following exercise, alone or with friends or family every day for at least a week or for the rest of your life.