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Contact Spirits and Extracts from ‘Spirit Guide’ by Raym.


Living on Mayan time is recommended for all explorers. You can get hold of a Mayan calendar and time decoder from Aluna Joy Yaxk’in at Living on Mayan time means that you align yourself with the natural rhythms of creation, honouring the relevant cosmic energies that are prevalent on each day. This enables you to plan your activities to work in harmony with the natural flow of the cosmos. It is also possible, using a Mayan time decoder, to establish your Mayan birth sign, which relates to cosmic influences prevalent on your actual day of birth, influences that affect your character and life path. This exercise is fun and can prove extremely enlightening.


The indigenous people of the area were colonised by the Spanish Christians about 500 years ago. These colonists did their best to stamp out the existing religious practices of the indigenous people. If you attend the major spiritual sites on solstices or equinoxes you will find them cordoned off with armed police on guard. The police scrutinise every person (tourists included) entering these sacred sites at these times. What are they looking for?


The surviving Mayans are prohibited by law from carrying out any ritual on any of their sacred sites. The police are looking for any object (e.g. conch shell, banner, etc), that could be used in a religious ceremony. At the 1997 Spring Equinox at Chichen Itza 50,000 people attended this sacred site. What could the authorities possibly be afraid of?


The Celts and Druids are the ancient British shaman and priests. The Druidic religion is over 7,000 years old and honours the Earth and all beings in, on and around her, revering every part of the natural world.


Attempts were made with the arrival of Christianity to outlaw and destroy these old religions which led to their practitioners going underground. The Druids were without doubt involved in the building of Stonehenge, a huge circle of standing stones in the South of England. Modern research has revealed that these massive rough-hewn obelisks are actually positioned so as to create a very sophisticated stellar observatory. An observatory of this kind would have required extensive knowledge of maths, geometry and astrology to construct. So much for our “primitive” forebears.

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This meditation should always finish in the following manner. You and your group should say out loud:


“We call on the Universe and all beings of light who love us unconditionally, to witness our focused dedication to a peaceful planetary evolution. We dedicate ourselves to working for peace, light and love in every aspect of our daily lives.


We wish through our actions, thoughts and feelings to create a love based environment that will dispel fear and ignorance and create positive growth and harmony for all beings associated with this planet Earth. We call on Gaia the Earth Mother and humbly ask that she accept and share our love as she sees fit. So be it.”


Suggest that your group to create a golden fountain of love and light that erupts from their centre and soaks deep into the Earth’s core.


Gently bring your group back to full consciousness by suggesting they draw energy up from the earth through their feet, feeling themselves grounded inside their physical body.