How To Contact Spirit Guides

How To Contact Spirit Guides and Extracts from ‘Spirit Guide’ by Raym.


Find a quiet, beautiful and private place, sit or stand still for a while, with your back straight, then make the following affirmation from the heart;


“As the Universe is my witness, I_____________ now accept my destiny. I accept that I am an aspect of the Divine, I accept that as such I AM THAT I AM. I freely declare that I am now ready to step into my own power and the fullness of my being, in service to humanity and the Divine plan. It is my choice as a free spirit to explore my own potential, and I offer myself in service to Light and unconditional love, now and always.


I now ask that I be released from all outstanding Karmic debts or that they be settled now, I now release any debts owed to me. I freely forgive all those who have harmed me and likewise beg the forgiveness of any I may have harmed. I ask for the Divine highest good of all, with love in my heart and of my own free will. So be it.”


You are now fully committed to a path of personal evolution that will assist in fulfilling your life’s purpose and help you find out who you are and why you are here. If there is any Karma to be played out it will occur in the next few days or weeks. Do not be surprised if there are upsets or challenges in your life during this period. Once that is settled, you are free to be of service by fully exploring and realising your own potential.


By surrendering to Divine will, you understand that your small will or ego has no business organising your life. The conscious mind is useful in facilitating the day-to-day running of your affairs but, when it comes to the big picture, listen to your feelings. They are in tune with the larger plan; your mind is not.

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How To Contact Spirit Guides


How To Contact Spirit Guides and other Spirit Guide Terms


Today in our predominantly urbanised society, the shaman still exists, still connecting with nature and healing, often unrecognised. This solitary figure fulfils many of the tasks of his/her predecessors. There are many books to help you along this path of self discovery and healing. Shamanism is a way of connecting with and celebrating timeless Earth cycles, without joining a group or coming under anyone else’s influence.


Holistic publications, your local alternative book or crystal shop or your own research and networking will lead you to an appropriate event. Any shaman (male or female) you choose to work with should make you feel relaxed and comfortable.


Modern shamans work in the space between this and the Otherworld or Spirit World, and should therefore be accorded some respect. They do much unsung positive healing work in areas that most prefer not to explore. Your shaman should be wholesome, even jolly, and need not dress the part.


The Rainbow Tribe is a comparatively recent phenomenon, a loose collective of people living mostly outside of contemporary society, in semi permanent encampments, often on private land. This collection of well intentioned people has no discernible hierarchy, arriving at decisions via lengthy meetings or circles, at which everybody has an opportunity to speak.


The Rainbow Tribe is international, and is well aware of the major changes that are coming to our planet. Some may well be reincarnations of the legendary rainbow warriors discussed earlier. The Rainbow Tribe is not an exclusive group, although the style of dress and hair worn by most members could be described as tribal or feral, with dreadlocks, tattoos, branding and body piercing being a common addition to simple hand-made clothing. Tipis are the favoured accommodation, and sharing food and resources is a way of life. Often traveling in convoy from one location to another, this group is amorphous and a little inward looking. The Rainbow Tribe is not on a crusade to convert anyone to their way of life. They are too busy living it. Modern primitives that walk their talk, they live without electricity and with the most basic sanitation, usually in remote bush areas. They have little time or respect for conventional society, the media, and politicians. Their gatherings include Earth honouring ceremonies often with the help of local indigenous people. Their way of life is one possible future we all may need to consider during our transition. Without power or the internal combustion engine, they at least, are prepared.