73 The Rainmaker Archetype

Upright Meanings: boundaries, control, saving for big purchases or retirement, possessiveness, miserly, penny-pinching, holding on to people/possessions/ issues, hoarding, isolation, stinginess, financial security, greed, keeping to yourself, deep seated/past issues, ungenerous, financial stability, wealth, materialism

The Rainmaker card can indicate that you are holding on to people, possessions, situations or past issues. It can be an indication that there are deep seated issues affecting you that you need to process and let go of. This minor card can indicates that you may be trying very hard to cling onto the people or possessions that give you a sense of security. You may be holding onto things in an unhealthy, possessive, controlling or toxic way or someone may be holding onto you in such a manner. It can indicate that you need to establish your boundaries or respect the boundaries of other people. The Rainmaker can also indicate a lack of openness, blocking or obstructing progress, keeping to yourself or a sense of isolation. It can represent wealth, greed, materialism and penny pinching.

Reversed Meanings: shedding the old, financial insecurity/ instability, obstacles, spendthrift, letting go of people, financial loss, generosity, generous to a fault, losing something valuable, sharing, reckless behaviour, openness, making large purchases, possessions or issues, gambling, earthy possessions, lack of control, giving to others

The Rainmaker reversed card can indicate that you are ready to let go of people, possessions, situations or past issues. You may be releasing toxic people or situations that are no longer healthy for you, shedding old issues or letting go of regrets or fears. You may also be feeling generous and sharing your wealth or possessions by giving to others. Be careful not to go to the extreme in this aspect and allow others to take advantage of you. This minor card can indicate that you may have let go of or lost something valuable through theft or gambling or it can be an indication that you are out of control or are engaging in reckless behaviour. However, The Rainmaker reversed can also indicate that you having stopped trying to control people or situations and are approaching things with a more relaxed and open attitude. Look to the surrounding cards for clarification.