Life Path Number 8

What Does Life Path Number Eight Mean?

There’s almost no point in telling a Life Path Number 8 anything, because you already have such a strong sense of yourself and your path. So don’t think of any of the above as orders or instructions. Think of them instead as suggestions for things that you can possibly consider doing, keep in the back of your mind over time, and maybe pull out sometime in the future. Your personality fits well into today’s world, and you’re destined for a great deal of success in fields that are very important to modern life, especially business. You have all the natural qualities that make you a great leader and boss, and you’ll be cheating yourself if you don’t take full advantage of them. At the same time, I would be remiss if I didn’t caution you to dedicate a bit of your energy to building better relationships with others.

I understand that this will never be the absolute top of your priority list, as it is to a 2 or a 6, but it is both possible and necessary for you to find a healthy balance. At times, it will seem like you’re having to damper yourself in order to do it, and if this is how you’re feeling then you may need to stop and re-evaluate, but for the most part, taking a little time to massage your relationships is well worth the trouble. Remember, with Life Path Number 8 nothing you do will matter to the world if it doesn’t matter to the individuals of the world. You need to cultivate those individuals’ good opinions if you want to truly find success – which, to all you 8s out there, I know you do.

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Life Path Number 8
Meanings For Life Path Number 8

Upright Meanings: control, balance, honor, equality, compassion, confidence, taming, bravery, righteousness, virtue, courage, harmony, inner strength

The Number Eight card is an important card of inner strength. It represents mastering raw emotions in order to bring calm to yourself or a situation. It is similar to the Chariot in that it represents overcoming challenges. However, the The Number Eight card usually refers to inner challenges. Overcoming the obstacles we face in relation to our own doubts, fears and anxieties. This card indicates that you are learning to master your fears and anxieties, to be courageous and daring. You have all the skills you need to be successful, the focus now is to conquer your inner worries and believe in yourself. Take the time you need to master your emotions, be patient and compassionate with yourself and you will find a new confidence in yourself and your abilities. The Number Eight, as well as being representative of taming your emotions, can also represent taming someone else’s wild ways. This is not done by trying to dominate the other person but by gentle coaxing, positive reinforcement, encouragement and compassion.

Life Path Number Eight Reversed

Life Path Number Eight indicates the importance of mind over matter, and reminds you to focus on what you do want rather than what you don’t want in your life. Its main point is that you have the ability to harness your thoughts and to use them for your – and everyone else’s – highest good. Not only do you have the ability; you have the responsibility. So conquer your fears, control your impulses, and never lose patience with yourself or what you are doing.

Reversed Meanings: biased, unfairness, false accusation, weakness, vulnerability, self-doubt, low self-esteem, lack of confidence, abuse

When the The Number Eight card appears reversed in your reading, it indicates that you are not tapping into the inner The Number Eight you have. It is does not indicate a lack of The Number Eight so much as it indicates that you are letting fear, anxiety or low self-esteem paralyze you. Now more than ever you need to summon your inner resolve and self-belief to pull you out of your current situation. You have the The Number Eight you need to get over your obstacles. You have simply lost touch with it and that disconnection is leaving you feeling weak, vulnerable and lacking confidence. Focus on the positive, stay away from people who make you feel inadequate and spend time with people who build you up.