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Word Cloud Quiz for Dream Meanings

Our Dream Meaning Quiz uses a unique combination of subconscious and spirit energies to select the most appropriate spirit archetype to give you clues to your dream meanings.

Ask this spirit guide to come in your dreams to guide and inform you.

How Our Dream Meaning Word Cloud Works

When you start the quiz you will be given a word cloud of about 20 words and 2 options

  • Click one word you relate to recent dreams
  • Click Refresh if no words draw you

Don’t be afraid to choose negative as well as positive words if they mean something to you. It’s very important NOT to consciously try evaluate the words or try to connect them to you or your life. Choose the word you first think maya relate to your dream. Concentrate on feelings at the time.

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Interpreting the Result

The answer comes in the form of a spirit guide archetype who will relevant to your dream.

Ask this spirit guide to come in your dreams to guide and inform you

Good or bad, can you relate it to a person or situation in your life? Each spirit guide card has many meanings. It may be upright or reversed. If reversed, it’s up to YOU to decide why the spirit energies come in reverse, and which of its many possible meanings are particularly relevant right now.

Consider meanings that resonate, even though you can’t place them right now. Use the answers from the quiz to ask your guide to give you more in your dreams on the subject.