Heart Chakra

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Heart Chakra

The Center of Love (Color: Green)

Purpose: compassion and love

Higher consciousness elevates and expands the heart chakra; therefore, it is sometimes utilized during spirit communication. Empaths also utilize this chakra.


  • acceptance
  • love
  • compassion
  • sincerity


LOCATION: Center of the chest

Heart Chakra


  • disorders of the heart or lungs
  • asthma
  • allergies
  • immune deficiency problems
  • tension between shoulder blades

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Heart Chakra

Associated with these energies: The Playmate

Your intuition may well be trying to send you a message during this time. It will be important to listen closely to it now and if that requires that you take time alone then do so. All those who normally call on your time and energy will have to wait for a little while. Making time alone needs to be a priority. Heed any messages or warnings that seem to come to you now through your inner voice. Don’t panic though! It doesn’t mean that something bad will definitely happen, but simply that it will be something you should act upon. That could be to your benefit rather than detriment just as easily.