Crown Chakra

7 Chakras

Crown Chakra

Consciousness or Understanding Chakra

Color: Violet to White

Purpose: this chakra is the seat of enlightenment

The function is thought and knowing or claircognizance


  • constant sense of frustration
  • no joy
  • destructive feelings
  • migraine headaches
  • depression


LOCATION: Just above the top of the head

Crown Chakra


  • bowel problems
  • eating disorders
  • immune related disorders
  • chronic lower back pain
  • lack of energy

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Crown Chakra

Associated with these energies: The Deliverer

You can’t cut any corners, or take any shortcuts when it comes to love. The Reversed Deliverer in a love reading is a reminder that the effort we put into our relationships and our love life matters. We can either devote ourselves to them, and patiently watch it flourish under our care, or we can take it for granted, and let it eventually die. This means that your relationship or romantic life may require a lot from you right now. It may be that your partner may need you to step up; have you been doing your part of the chores? Have you been expressing your affection? Have you shown your love as much as you have been accepting love? Try and make sure that both your needs are being met.