Why Am I Single? Quiz

Past Present Future

Worrying about why you are single is not really going to be productive. It often gets us into trouble when we perceive something wrong with being single. In an effort to change that we make bad choices. Try our quiz and take a light hearted look at yourself and your baggage.

1 Card Cartomancy Draw to finish the Quiz.

5 Points to watch for:

  1. Expecting either of you to change
  2. Settling for 2nd Best
  3. Not being yourself
  4. Seeming to needy
  5. Mentioning marriage/kids too soon

Why you are single

Does he like you?

Our oracle cards can help with yes or no type answers whilst still giving us room to make our own decisions. Choose 3 cards and see what each has to say on the subject of ‘does he like me?’ and then get your yes or no – based on their agreed conclusion, even though they may each have looked at the question from a different angle.

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