Do I have a Spirit Guide (Quiz)

When you ask ‘do I have a spirit guide?’,  the simple answer is yes. We always have at least one guide around us. Often a spirit guide will stay with us most of our  lives, others will come and go as we need them in our lives.

Spirit Guide Archetype
Will The Rebel be your Spirit Guide?

INSTRUCTIONS: To find your guide at the moment, ask a question in your mind relating to an issue that features strongly in your life right now. Now think of the qualities and experience you would want in your guide.

  • Concentrate on your question
  • Keep it simple
  • Start the quiz
  • Answer as relates to  your question.

Our full deck of spirit guide cards is a total of 78. We have many spirit guides around us, archetypal energies, who come to help us with many issues currently in our life. Often these are incarnate beings that have made the same mistakes we have (or mistakes we may be about to make). We are not always aware of them and we are not always ready to hear from our spirit guides, especially on subjects we are not yet ready or able to face.

The quiz comes in 3 parts:

  1. A few simple questions to give you 20 spirit guides from the full deck.
  2. You can continue the quiz with the 20 spirit guides who would all love to guide you,  or you can quickly run through the deck and click any you don’t feel comfortable with to remove them from the quiz.
  3. The real grit of the quiz; without thinking too hard, let your subconscious and spirit energies select from a list of words or phrases that may be relevant to you or someone/something in your life, past, present or future.