The Survivor

A spirit guide closely associated with Taurus is The Survivor. Today the stars ask you to consider where the subject of is relevant in your life.

Taurus in Love

A perfect love match for Taurus is Capricorn. Also very compatible is Virgo.

For more details for good and bad matches for Taurus choose from the signs below.

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Daily Horoscope Taurus Born Between April 20 and May 20

Taurus does not fall easily, so when you do it’s usually for keeps. It comes down to the basics for you: you need to feel that animalistic connection with a potential partner but also know that you can build a safe cozy roost for your strong nesting instincts. So once you start fantasizing about picking out bed linens with your new partner, it’s the first clue that you are falling! Taureans love language is to be of service to the object of their affection so when you find yourself offering to run errands, totally messing up your busy nap schedule, then there is your second clue. Now if you find yourself a night owl and you accept an invite to go clubbing when you would rather stay home, that says it all.

The Survivor, with your star sign card, can bring any of the following energies: thriving, supporting, stability, reliable person, conservative, wealthy businessman, loyal, encouraging, mature grounded male, reaching goals, high status, cautious, enterprising, not a risk-taker, careful, steadiness, successful, hard work will pay off, bettering yourself, empire, provider, security, faithful, principled, dependable

In Reverse:, extortion, ruthless, poor judgement, discouraging, obstinate, cold, collapse of an empire, ungrounded male, unsuccessful businessman, disloyal, corruption, unfaithful, bribes, materialistic, hasty decisions, underqualified, slob, instability, uncaring, broke, calm, greedy, unsupportive, gambler

Ideal Professions for Taurus in Love: Chef, landscape artist, accountant, engineer, lawyer, educator

The Seal

As expected from a sign ruled by Venus, the Taurus feels most alive when surrounded by sensual pleasures. May it be food, sex, drink, or luxuries, expect them to be drawn towards it. This also makes a good motivator, because just like a bull, they will work hard for it. People under this sign are peaceful. They never start the fight and are even slow to anger, but once they reach their limit, expect them to be volatile.

A spirit animal closely associated with Taurus in Love is The Seal.

With The Seal, alongside your star sign card, you can expect any of these following energies: beliefs, bonded, conformity, religion, marriage, commitment, conventional, traditional values, mercy, traditional institutions, inspiration, social approval, forgiveness

In Reverse:, unconventional relationships, vulnerability, unorthodoxy, challenging tradition, foolish generosity, unconventionality, frailty, unconventional lifestyles, reversed roles, impotence