What Animal Am I?


Choose a card to bring forward a spirit animal with the most suitable energies to advise you.

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What Animal Am I
What Animal Are You?

5 Signs a Spirit Animal is Close

  • Seeing animals more often the coincidence
  • Feeling that animals are nicer than people
  • Finding it easy to visualize them
  • Have seen an animal in your minds eye?
  • Have vivid dreams about animals

Animal guides come to us in many different species throughout our time on earth. We do not choose our animal guides but instead they choose us. According to Native Indian beliefs, spirit animals visit us during great times of change and uncertainty. 


This is a pick a card reading. Please only take what resonates with you, leave what doesn’t. You can also try a quiz..

One card animal readings should never determine your life or the spiritual choices you make. They should only be seen as advice, encouragement or guidance. Always trust your instincts.