Ancestor Reading


  • Each section is pre-completed with the most used selections
  • Select or remove all OR click on/off
  • Select all souls in spirit
  • Remove any you don’t want to hear from
  • When complete select 1 card  to reveal who comes forward

10 sections to complete

  1. Parents, Grandparents
  2. Brother, Sister, Uncle, Aunt
  3. Cousins
  4. Children in Spirit
  5. Adoption/Marriage
  6. Unrelated Family
  7. Paternal Grandfathers Family
  8. Paternal Grandmothers Family
  9. Maternal Grandfathers Family
  10. Maternal Grandmothers Family

Immediate Family





Extended Family








Children in Spirit




Your Own Children









Unrelated Family





Paternal Grandfathers Family


His Grandparents



Paternal Grandmothers Family


Her Grandparents



Maternal Grandfathers Family


His Grandparents



Maternal Grandmothers Family


Her Grandparents


Ancestors in Spirit

To understand how we communicate with our ancestors in spirit, we must first take on board the concept of collective consciousness and the fact that time and age has no meaning in the spirit world as we can understand it.

All souls are part of one or more of these collective consciousness groups according to their soul paths needs, the energies they possess and what skills or experiences they can offer.

All souls are connected but it’s quite possible that a soul will have returned to the earth plane or simply not be around to chat.

This doesn’t mean they can’t help. The answers you need come in the form of spirit energies, sometimes a group energies, sometimes an individual. It’s important to remember the children, especially babies or miscarried babies, are not that ‘age’ in spirit, unless they choose to be so