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OK, I am going to be quite blunt here and say that anyone thats has come here expecting serious results I would rather you look elsewhere.  I do my very best to give accurate free readings and spirit quizzes that give good results but at the end of the day, it’s online and you can expect the same sort of accuracy as you would get from an online tarot reading.

Spirit Quiz

I make no money whatsoever from this, other than a few pence from google adverts and that seriously does not even begin to cover the cost of hosting the website etc.  It’s a hobby, albeit a passionate one, and of course, I am a believer.  I am actually spiritualist by religion.

I am one person, designing, coding and testing, everything myself.  I never beg for money, ask for payment or suggest donations.  I just pray none of you actually make any life changing decisions based on quizzes or readings from this site or any other online site.  Anyone that tells you that you can totally trust an online reading or quiz, ie one with no human interaction, is lying to you and should be treated with caution.  My favorite saying is treat it as a bit of fun and if it turns out to be accurate for you, which it does in many cases, well then just say a mental thank you.  What goes around, comes around, Karma if you like, just a simple thought in your head if you enjoy it is good enough for me.

Spiritual Quiz