Free Cartomancy Reading

Past Present Future

Cartomancy can be traced back to the 100s. It uses standard playing cards to give you insights into your past, present and future. It is particularly accurate in telling you when and how things will happen. This is because there is less room for interpretation with the meaning of the cards. It makes cartomancy the better choice for those who want an answer to a question instead of potential outcomes.

This cartomancy deck has an additional 26 cards for greater accuracy..

Cartomancy Past/Present/Future Reading

What do your cards say about your life?

Chose 3 cards at random, first for the past, 2nd for the present and third for the future. These represents the week’s (or days or months) spiritual path. The combination of these three cards offers life lesson to contemplate during the time ahead. Ask not “what will the future be for me in my life?” but rather take a modern focus on empowerment and ask “what can I do to affect my future?” or ‘what can I learn from the past?”


Your 3 Cartomancy Cards can represent any of these:

  1. A person connected
  2. The start of things
  3. The end of things
  4. The heart of the matter