Does He Love Me?


Quiz: No email or registration needed.   Instant answer.
2 simple sections of 26 questions each to find what your spirit guide wants to tell you including your love life progress.

Does he love you?

Part 1: Each question will give you words to quickly look at and choose any words you feel drawn to. This section should take no more than 5 minutes.

These words are not directly related to ‘does he love me?’. This is about life in general, anyone or any situation around you right now. Although it can be about you partner, it can also be about you or other people or situations, consciously or subconsciously. 

It’s important you choose negative as well as positive words if they mean something to you. The word(s) may literally be specific, either to you, someone close or a situation but you can also be drawn to a word without knowing why.

Just quickly scroll up and down and click any words you are drawn to. In part 2 you can click ‘unsure’ if you don’t know why you were drawn to it.

Part 2: You will be given a new selection of words (max 26) and be asked to quickly rate how relevant the word or phrase is; Unsure, Very Meaningful, I can relate, Neutral or Negative Association.

The answer will come in the form of a  spirit guide archetype who will tell you what your guide(s) need you to hear and understand.