Twin Flame Reading


Chose 3 cards at random, first to represent yourself, 2nd for your twin flame and third for what’s between you.

Your twin flame may be:

  • unknown
  • lover
  • crush
  • workmate
  • your ex

A twin flame relationship isn’t built upon the similarities that you share (like with a soul mate), instead, it blooms from the differences that you both bring to the relationship. These differences and opposing energies attract you to each other, often creating very intense, deep-rooted connections. Your lack of similarity means you actually bring balance to each other’s lives.


Twin Flame Reading

You may have many soul mates but only one Twin Flame

It’s commonly thought that you have only one soul mate, but in your life, you will likely encounter many. Whether it’s a romantic partner, a friend, or a family member, your relationships with your soul mates will be powerful and encompass body, mind, and spirit.

Unlike with your twin flame, these are relationships with other souls that can span lifetimes. Your twin flame isn’t always your perfect match because you two can bring out negative sides to each other; however, twin flames often learn a lot from each other.

Signs you have met your twin flame

    • The relationship is volatile
    • They push you to be and do better
    • When you met, you knew
    • You complement each other
    • You have an almost psychic connection
    • The relationship is very intense
    • You keep coming back together
    • You’re very similar