Past Life Karma Quiz

Karma Quiz
The Matriarch

Every wondered why you have deja-vu glimpses of something you are sure you have never seen, places you have never been, an affinity with something you have never experienced? Well consider that it may be coming from a past life, somewhere deep in your subconscious.

The quiz comes in 2 parts: A few simple questions to begin, followed by a series of words and phrases in  multiple choice format. There is a question about star sign personality.  If you are unfamiliar see Zodiac Signs Personality

In part 2 do not make the mistake of trying to pick the right answers. It’s very important to choose what is just beneath the surface of your conscious mind or perhaps things that came in dreams.  For example, if one option is stealing and perhaps that came up in a dream then you should click it.  It doesn’t necessarily mean you were a thief in a past life.  It could be something that was done to you or refer to someone you were tied to in a past life that owes you a karmic debt in this life or even that you were forced to steal food for your family. Soul groups often reincarnate together so what is happening in your life right now can also be relevant.  So many possibilities and there are quite a few questions.

Karma Quiz
The Playmate

For example, the playmate as depicted on the right, may suggest you had a wandering eye in your past life.  How it’s karma affects you in this life you can determine by looking at the 3 meaning it brings with it today (there are many possibilities).

First it’s important that you understand about archetypes, the basis of every card reading.  This Past Life Karma quiz is NOT going to tell you you were a baker, butcher, queen etc in a past life!  What it is going to do is tell you the TYPE of person you were and how that is affecting your karma, the baggage you bought with you from a past life and hopefully that which you can work on in this life to address your karma issue. You might also like our free Past Life Reading