Sagittarius Career Horoscope

You have 6 spirit guides and spirit animals associated with Sagittarius.

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You will choose your significator card from our lifestyle card deck.

First let’s see how strong todays energy is and shuffle the cards.

Sagittarius Tarot Reading

While the lack of stimuli leads to fidgeting, a Sagittarius’ passion for other’s well-being is their saving grace. Sometimes appearing shallow or superficial, more often than not they care too deeply and are always learning and growing. The archer’s boldness and refusal to give up or back down is well known. Look for a career devoid of tedious or repetitious tasks.

Some great career choices for Sagittarians:

  • Counselor
  • Travel Agent
  • Public Relations
  • Administration
  • Lecturer

Sagittarius (November 23 – December 22)

Pros: Optimistic and freedom-loving, jovial and good-humored, honest and straightforward, intellectual and philosophical.

Cons: Blindly optimistic and careless, irresponsible and superficial, tactless and restless.

Where Leo shines as king of the jungle – Sagittarius is the life of the party. Positive, idealistic and almost always at the forefront of the action, thanks to their seemingly limitless amounts of energy. They never seem to be out of new ideas that positively impact or inspire others.

Not unlike Gemini, Sagittarius needs a vast amount of stimulation to keep them focused on a project – they also don’t do well with micromanaging, so a job that allows for travel or the freedom to work on their own schedule provides them the right amount of freedom and opportunity to grow. Also, their ability to throw caution to the wind for a cause they believe in, inspires others to take notice of their influence.

Our career horoscope uses cards from the Spirit Guide or Spirit Animal Card Deck along with our Lifestyle cards as significators. Career Horoscopes are like horoscopes but instead of using the planets as guides to determine your week, you use the spirit archetypes. Holding an intention on each sign, a card(s) are selected from the spirit archetype deck and interpreted. You read them like you would any horoscope but the message comes from a different place.