Interpreting Career Horoscopes

This is a 36 card deck where cards are drawn in pairs or used as significator cards with other decks. A significator card is used to provide information relating to the first card, including things like timing. Depending on the type of reading, the cards may represent you, someone close, a specific person or a situation.

The deck can be used as a stepping stone for those wanting to interpret their own cards.

How to Interpret your Career Horoscope:

It’s important that you feel your zodiac sign is true to your personality.  If not, choose the sign you feel closest to, or take the Whats my true zodiac sign? Quiz

  • First you have careers that are typical of your star sign
  • Your chosen lifestyle card (significator) will suggest more options
  • It  will also give horoscope information for the coming days.
  • Cards are mainly symbolic.
    For example, black may mean depression, darkness, something hidden.

Imagine the thousands of possible jobs assigned to 78 cards.. An impossible task so you will have to use a little imagination interpreting careers!

Expand the category of jobs suggested. We won’t all have degrees and/or experience. Doctor is a type of job, covering all forms of healing. Sales Director won’t apply if you are barely out of school so more likely a starting position in sales of some sort. Farmer? Maybe working with fresh produce or gardening?