Karma Lessons

Karma Lessons
Karmic Lessons

Enter your name as written on your birth certificate to find your relevant karma lessons. This will be in the range 1 to 9. You can have more than 1 karma lesson or even none at all that will cause issues. If you have a 0 karmic number, ie no lessons to focus on, then you will get your Life Path Number with special ‘Master Numbers’ 11, 22 and 33 where aplicable.

We enter this world with things that work in our favor and those that work against us. We all have strengths but also weaknesses. It is important not to accentuate one of another. Karmic Lessons deal primarily with our areas of weakness. The purpose of exploring them is finding the way to see them clearly and interact and act on this.

Karmic lessons don’t imply that you only have one destiny. Explore your lessons, they are meant to be a guide, not a way to see your future but rather a way to shape it. They show you that you are responsible for your life choices and the results of those choices.

The average number of Karmic Lessons (not to be confused with Karmic Debts) is two, but four or even five isn’t that uncommon, nor is it unusual to have no Karmic Lessons at all. If you have more than 3 Karma Lessons, we will show the 3 most important.