Dream about Losing Teeth

Losing Teeth Dream Meaning

Dreaming about: Losing Teeth

Dreaming of: Losing Teeth. Dreams fall into 3 very broad categories:

  • Processing (no hidden meaning)
  • Symbolic (related to daily life)
  • Predictive (possible future issues)

Loosing teeth is something we all fear. Dreaming about this can signify worrying about old age or fears that our partners may no longer find us attractive. These fears are often unfounded and once we seek reassurance the dreams should stop. If you hate going to the dentist it could simply signify a need to stop avoiding that which frightens us.

Broken Teeth Dream Meaning: . Dreams about broken teeth are common and usually a symbol of vulnerability. This can be a sign that you are feeling insecure about a situation in your life. This insecurity comes from feelings that you won’t find happiness or that you can’t fulfil the expectations of family, friends or work colleagues.

Rotting Teeth in a Dream: Teeth rotting in a dream can be a warning that a life situation is slowly turning bad. It can be a wake up call to deal with a situation before it gets out of hand. It can come as a warning when we are subconsciously aware that something is not quite right. This feeling can be unfounded and often relates to anxiety or depression

If you dream of Teeth Crumbling: Much like rotting teeth, crumbling teeth is a sign of a situation or relationship slowly disintegrating. It can differ from rotting teeth in the sense that things can crumble quickly, before our very eyes, and indicate a need for urgent attention to the problem to prevent this.