Chakra Balancing

Balancing Chakras

Deepak Chopra has an excellent article on Chakra Balancing

You will utilize the chakra system during spirit communication; in fact, it is an important component in the process. Primarily you will be working with chakras four, five, and six, and this meeting point is something with which you will become very familiar during this process. It is also very important to developing your sensitivity level and learning control as you advance. 

7 Chakras

Some people find card readings with chakras aligned with spirit guides very useful to remind us of issues that are holding us back. Balance is everything as is learning to let go of our ‘baggage’.

Chakras and Spirit Communication

7 chakrasYour chakra system is a very important part of the spirit communication system. It is vital for you to pay attention to and understand your chakra system when you are developing spirit gifts.

What is our Chakra System?

Chakras are energy centers where your physical body and your etheric body meet. Your etheric body is your “spiritual body.” You have seven main chakras on the body and they each do different things. There are more of lesser importance until more advanced but we should also include the Star or Soul Chakra, above the crown

Many people believe the chakra system starts at the center of the top of your head and extends down through the center of the body, and this is not where the meeting point is (where your physical and etheric body meet). The chakras do extend out to the center of your body and even beyond, but the meeting point is located near your spinal column.