Twin Flame Reading

Twin Flame Reading. No email, no registration, instant result. Chose 3 cards at random, first to represent yourself, 2nd for your twin flame and third for what’s between you. Your twin flame may be:

The Love Tarot

The Love Tarot . No email, no registration, instant result. The love tarot is a way of using tarot cards to give you a glimpse of what is in your future. Whether you are single or in a relationship now, or wanting your ex back you must concentrate hard on a specific question that relates to your love life.

Free Cartomancy Reading

Free Cartomancy Reading. No email, no registration, instant result. Our free cartomancy reading uses all 52 cards plus26 additional cards, 78 in all. This is one of our more popular divination tools. Cartomancy is similar to tarot in that it uses cards (standard playing cards) to see the lessons and situations surrounding your questions, helping you find your pathway.

Am I Clairvoyant?

Instant Yes No Reading – Pick a Card – no email, no registration. We all have clairvoyant abilities to some extent. Whilst very few ‘gifted’ people don’t have to work at it, even the most well known clairvoyants will have taken a lot of time to develop their clairvoyant abilities. 

Can Cats See Spirits?

Have you ever wondered whether your cat is able to sense spirits (or ghosts if you prefer to call them that? Cats and other felines have extraordinary senses that are much sharper than ours. In addition, that mysterious 6th sense is something we can’t be sure of!

Contacting Indian Spirit Guides

You have one or more spirit guides that will hang around forever or for a large chunk of your life.  This includes animal spirits. They can be your great grandmother or maybe Aunt Tillie who is so distant a relation that you don’t know or can’t remember her.  They may be unknown and unrelated to you in this lifetime.

Inner Chakras Tarot

Inner Chakras Tarot Reading – no email, nor registration – Are your chakras in balance? Find out with our simple quiz and unique Inner Chakras Tarot cards. Chakras are all interrelated so when one of them is imbalanced, it causes a disturbance in the other chakras as well.

Ophiuchus Spirit Animal

As a power animal you can call on Ophiuchus to protect you. By asking Ophiuchus to stay around you or watch over you in your dreams you can be sure any negative energy from people in your life will not affect you. He can also bring warnings.