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The difference between mediums, psychics and clairvoyants can be bewildering. In fact, many believe the terms are interchangeable but that is not really the case. Mediums are able to raise their vibration high enough to connect to the other side.

Psychics have the ability to give information about the past, the present (or even the future) but in theory, they cannot deliver messages from the other side.

Clairvoyance refers to the extrasensory ability to ‘see’. This is where psychic readers are able to see and use images they receive to pass on messages. Often these images can be metaphors that need to be translated or deciphered depending on the reading. Sometimes, they might be very basic and clearly refer to an issue or situation of the person having the reading.

Use our free spirit reading  to choose an animal for today. Let the experience of that  animal to guide you on what is happening in your life right now. If you wish, you can choose to focus on the topic of health, money, family and friends, work or career (including stay-at-home mums and dads), spiritual or psychic development or of course, our very popular free love reading.

Concentrate on anything you want help with, allowing you to choose the perfect animal’s personality and traits to help you find a solution. If you don’t seek and answer to a particular problem then look closely at what your spirit animal brings you in your free reading.  Look at the meaning and think where one or more is relevant in your life or the lives of those around you.

  • Cartomancy Readings are from our full 78 card deck
  • Lifestyle Readings are from a 36 card deck.
  • Power Animal Readings are from a 35 card deck.
  • Spirit Animal Readings are from our full 78 card deck.
  • Spirit Guide Readings are from our full 78 card deck.
  • Numerology Readings are from our full 78 card deck.
  • Life Path Number, Karma Number, Destiny Number – Date/Name