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Working with Chakras

Chakra Reading

Sit down with the intention of hearing about anything you are spiritually interested in or about something that is important in your life, such as problems you might be having that you would like to address.

As always, you should start any Spirit Guide communication process with a prayer asking for only the highest vibration spirits to be allowed to make contact with you, only spirits who come from the white light of the Holy Spirit. Then you want to imagine a white light coming down from above and surrounding you and protecting you from any low entity spirits.

When you become tuned in, normally you will have some physical sensations. They may seem very subtle at first, but they will become stronger as you develop. You will become very relaxed; the feeling is very similar to being in a meditative state. You may also feel hot or begin to turn red as your chakras start to open.

Pay close attention to any physical sensations you have when practicing any spirit communication exercises. If you pay attention, sometimes you will feel the physical sensations come first, then you will know that your body is preparing itself for spirit communication.

  • What sensations are you experiencing?
  • Can you feel them behind you or in front of you?
  • To which side of you do you feel them?
  • Do you feel warm in their presence, or tingly?
  • Do you feel your chakras opening?
All of these sensations are important because you will become accustomed to feeling these sensations when your Spirit Guide is around.