Gemini Career Horoscope

You have 6 spirit guides and spirit animals associated with Gemini.

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Gemini Tarot Reading

Geminis are drawn to careers that span the communication and tech fields, such as journalism, advertising, start-ups, and software engineering. Consider careers in music or comedy – a Gemini’s gift for creative thinking and communication make these also great options. Any field just as diverse and multi-faceted as they are – calling upon their many skills and talents. They may hold more than one job at any given time – and a job that allows for travel or remote work is vastly more enjoyable than being stuck at a desk all day.

Some great career choices for Geminis:

  • Travel
  • Business
  • Journalist
  • Teacher
  • Media Personality

Gemini (May 22 – June 21)

Pros: Adaptable and versatile, communicative and witty, intellectual and eloquent, youthful and lively.

Cons: Nervous and tense, superficial and inconsistent, cunning and inquisitive.

As masters of communication, quick wit and charm, it only makes sense that they wish to pursue a career with lots of opportunities for self-expression. To stay at any one job for any length of time, they require a certain level of flexibility in their jobs – they are animated, with no lack of imaginative energy and typically reject structure, growing easily frustrated with routine. If they are not kept engaged – they are liable to grow bored and use their talents elsewhere (perhaps the dark side) or may leave altogether.

Their ability to adapt makes it easy to hop around between projects and tasks. A typical career does not suit them well – they need a job with the freedom to define their own schedule and constantly evolve. Self-employment is preferred by most Geminis as they are very independent and hate to ask for help – despite their knack for conversation. And their inability to admit they are wrong will hinder their progress.

Our career horoscope uses cards from the Spirit Guide or Spirit Animal Card Deck along with our Lifestyle cards as significators. Everyone interprets Career Horoscopes differently but the insight that you gain is a personal experience and invaluable tool. Career Horoscopes help to empower you with knowledge of the energy you will face in your day, week month and year.