7 Chakras


Chakra Reading

If you are unfamiliar with the  7 chakras (8 chakras if you count the star soul chakra) then read a little below and hit the start button at the top when you are ready. Then choose the Chakra for your reading and the type of reading you want, eg love, family, health. The Star Chakra will be automatically included.

Root Chakra

Root Chakra (Color: Red)

Purpose: to ground you like a lightning rod (very important in spiritual work), plugs your energy into the earth’s energy. Grounding is a coping mechanism for stress.


Sacral Chakra

Desire Chakra (Color: Orange)

Purpose: to let go and flow (movement). The center of sexuality, emotions, desire, sensation, pleasure, movement and nurturance. Related to the moon and its pull on energy.

Clairsentience/empath is the psychic sense of the second chakra

Solar Plexus Chakra

Power Chakra (Color: Yellow)

Intuition sits in this chakra – gut feeling

Purpose: transformation and personal power


Heart Chakra

The Center of Love (Color: Green)

Purpose: compassion and love

Higher consciousness elevates and expands the heart chakra; therefore, it is sometimes utilized during spirit communication. Empaths also utilize this chakra.

Throat Chakra

Communication/Creativity Chakra (Color: Blue)

Purpose: communication and creativity, communication through sound, vibration, self-expression, and creativity. It includes listening, speaking, writing, telepathy and any of the arts.

Channeling information from the spirit realm, channels utilize this chakra almost always during spirit communication.

Third Eye Chakra

Seeing and Intuition (Color: Indigo)

Intuition and psychic ability chakra

Purpose: development of psychic abilities

Clairvoyance or clear seeing

Crown Chakra

Consciousness or Understanding Chakra (Color: Violet to White)

Purpose: this chakra is the seat of enlightenment

The function is thought and knowing or claircognizance


Star Chakra

Spiritual Chakra (Color: Silver, White, Gold)

The soul star chakra is outside of your physical body and located in your etheric body approximately six inches above your head. It resides within your auric field and is connected to your other chakras.

The soul star chakra carries all of the information for your soul’s past and present purpose for being here.