The Peacekeeper

A spirit guide closely associated with Sagittarius is The Peacekeeper. Today the stars ask you to consider where the subject of is relevant in your life.

Sagittarius in Love

A perfect love match for Sagittarius is Leo. Also very compatible is Aries.

For more details for good and bad matches for Sagittarius choose from the signs below.

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Daily Horoscope Sagittarius Born Between November 22 and December 21

When you really fall in love, it is a cause for a celebration! You like to go on your adventures solo so if you invite them to come on a trip with you, this means serious things in the mushy feelings department. As a Sagittarius, if you also let them take the lead in planning anything on this adventure, you are seriously falling for this person. You love to call the shots and not feel tied to any sort of itinerary. You are an extremely positive sign and with that comes the ability to see the best in people, so it is hard for you to pick just one person to share your time with. Once you start bringing them to your social circles, this is another sign you are in love. Communication is very important to you and if you have found someone that can talk until the sun comes up you have met your match.

The Peacekeeper, with your star sign card, can bring any of the following energies: contemplation, feeling overwhelmed, spiritual counselling or support, mental overload, regrouping, rest, introspection, self-protection, planning for the future, relaxation, strife, hospitalization, needing solitude, fear, anxiety, meditation, peace and quiet, recuperation, retreat, stress, temporary exile, sanctuary

In Reverse:, re-joining the world, restlessness, social unrest, awakening, not accepting counselling or support, lack of self-protection, finding mental strength, mental collapse, labor strikes, recovering slowly, renewed activity, coming out of isolation, burn-out, healing, not taking care of yourself

Ideal Professions for Sagittarius in Love: Anything that involves travelling, coach, animal trainer, minister, public relations, editor

The Hawk

The centaur is all about pleasure, and its one true love is travelling. One habit of this mythical creature was to shoot an arrow and follow where it landed, then shoot it again. The same can be said about a Sagittarian, in terms of career and life, in general. Forcing them to stick to a normal routine will bore them, or worse, make them rude and uncooperative.

A spirit animal closely associated with Sagittarius in Love is The Hawk.

With The Hawk, alongside your star sign card, you can expect any of these following energies: getting in the game, enthusiasm, travel, beginning, excitement, conception, accepting a challenge, talent, spontaneity, new initiative, action, profitable journey, new business, new career, fun, birth, inheritance, creative spark, new beginnings, getting fired up, growth, fertility, being bold/daring, urgency, physically starting something, potential, good news, finding new passion

In Reverse:, disappointing news, stopping something, infertility, creative blocks, missed opportunities, hesitant, bored, cancelled travel, being too intense, slow, pregnancy issues, lack of determination, delays, lack of initiative/ passion/ assertiveness/ energy/ enthusiasm/ motivation/ growth/ action/ spark/ fun, setback, wasted talent/potential, selfishness, stuck