How Many Spirit Guides Do I Have Quiz

No email or registration needed.   Instant answer. 12 quick questions to find how many spirit guides are helping and guiding you right now.

It’s a question almost everyone asks at some point –  How Many Spirit Guide do I have?. The answer is how long is a piece of string.  We generally have 1 master guide throughout our lives but they may change after a period of time as your needs change. On the major aspects of our lives we can have more but generally not a crazy number – there is a limit to how much ‘guidance’ we can handle.

We also have helpers and messengers in many forms; Angels who comfort us and bring confidence and enlightenment, archetypal guides to help us reach the decision that’s right for us. They can come many times or just once.  They can be with us during certain stages we are going through then disappear for a while.

And of course, we can be guided by loved ones who have passed to spirit.

Don’t expect “perfect” spirit guides. For the most part they embody collective energies rather than individuals, spirit guides come to us at times when we need a specific type of guidance, often when something is not going right for us. There is good and bad in all of us. Help and guidance often best comes from those that have made mistakes and learned from them. This is the very essence of our spiritual progress.


Look for meaning in each guide that comes for you. Good or bad, what can you learn from that. Each card has many potential meanings. It is up to YOU to decide if the card should be seen in REVERSE, which of its many possible meanings are particularly relevant right now, whether it refers to an issue that needs a resolution or a character trait you need to work on good or bad.

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