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Native American Spirit Guide

In some Native American cultures, spirit animals are considere spiritual guides, that can present themselves to us in any form we are willing to see them. Your Native American animal guide(s) have specific energies that can help you navigate life with a bit more ease and confidence.

Not sure what animal best can help you, or what messages it’s trying to send you?

Take the Native American Spirit Guide Test: To get the most accurate results when you take the spirit animal test, it’s important to not overthink your answers! Simply select the first answer that resonates with you to find your spirit animal.

What is a Native American Shaman?

native american spirit guide test

A shaman is a spiritual practitioner who can bridge the gap between the spirit realm and the physical world. He or she interacts directly with the spirit world through altered states of consciousness. The shaman enters a trance to communicate with spirit energies for healing, guidance or messages for the physical world.

Most Native Americans do not traditionally use the term shaman, preferring mystics, ritualists, healers, medicine men or sorcerers.


Look for meaning in the archetype that comes for you. Good or bad, what can you learn from that. Each card had many potential meanings. It is up to YOU to decide if the card should be seen in REVERSE, which of its many possible meanings are particularly relevant right now, whether it refers to an issue that needs a resolution or a character trait you need to work on good or bad.