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How to Contact Spirit Guides of Atlantis

Spirit Guide Atlantis

Before Atlantis the first civilisation was called Mu. In the south Pacific inhabited by spirits, beings of light.  Then came Lemuria, a civilisation without physical form, reproducing by conscious  energy transfer. Both psychic and telepathic, in time they wanted to take a physical form to experience emotions of pleasure and gratification of the physical.

The transition took many years to achieve this transition Atlantis. Atlantis was a landmass between Europe and America which is now beneath the Atlantic ocean. For 1 million years this continent was was ruled by the intergalactic council of Atlantis, 20 highly evolved celestial light beings, seen by the people as the leaders.


The Priests and Priestesses of Atlantis

Atlantean Guide
The Deliverer

There were many Priests and Priestesses, Hermes, Thoth, Horus, Isis, Zeus, Poseidon, Apollo, Osiris Helios, Quan Yin, Atlas are just a few. Throughout most of its life, the inhabitants of Atlantis were spiritual individuals who loved and respected each other but with the passage of time, they split into two groups,  the “Sons of Light”, and  the “Sons of Darkness” who were selfish, materially oriented and focused on their own physical desires, with no respect for others.

Some believe that many of us on Earth today are Atlanteans returned to struggle between the forces of good and evil for progress of earth.  We are here to help make our world a better place and will continue our good work while the Sons of Darkness work to learn and redeem themselves.


The Golden Age of Atlantis

Atlantis Spirit
The Survivor

Through the spirituality of the Priests and Priestesses and the Sons of Light a period known as the Golden age began, a time of great spiritual and psychic  powers. This Age of Golden Atlantis was largely due to 7 spiritual laws that kept the peace of Atlantean civilisation at that time.

  1. The Law of One
  2. The Law of Karma
  3. The Law of Manifestation
  4. The Law of Grace
  5. The Law of Responsibility
  6. The Law of Unconditional Love
  7. The Law of Intention


The Destruction of Atlantis

Despite the efforts of the Priests and Priestesses, The Golden age came to an end and Atlantis finally disappeared. Many spirits returned to their homes and some of these can be called on as Atlantean Spirit Guides but those who caused the destruction were forced to remain earthbound until they could balance their Karma.


How to Contact Spirit Guides of Atlantis

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The Psychic

Contacting Atlantean Spirit Guides is no different to connecting with any other spirit guide.  You will find our spirit guide cards here Archetypal Guides To contact spirit guides from Atlantis you must first understand that all spirit guides are energy, sometimes unique entities but more often archetypal energies. Let me give you an example.  You may wish to contact a native american spirit but it’s not that simple.

Much depends on why you want that type of spirit guide.  You may want guidance regarding a man that features strongly in your life, (or even something quite different but your primary guide feels you have a need for this that perhaps you don’t see).  In this case you may get the archetypal energy of a Provider who may or may not be a native american. In the same way, and probably more so, you need to accept that Atlantean spirit guides will come in many forms, for example many were healers, so when attempting to connect to spirit guide, your first thought should be the energies you wish them to bring before the fact that they were/are from Atlantis.