Destiny Number

What’s Your Destiny Number?

Destiny Numbers

Enter your name as written on your birth certificate to find your Destiny Number. This will be in the range 1 to 9 with special ‘Master Numbers’ 11, 22 and 33. In Numerology, your Destiny Number is the sum total of your numerated full name.

It helps us be aware of our unique capabilities, attitudes and talents leading us into the purpose of our existence on earth. It is commonly called our ‘lucky number’.

Also associated with your Destiny number are 3 Spirit Guides also known as Oracles or Archetypes. Each of the spirit guides tied to your destiny number will use their experiences and personalities to find common ground with your life today.


Your destiny number is the sum of your full name turned into numbers. Unlike your life path number, which focuses on your birth date. No matter what your name is right now, the destiny number will always be calculated based on the first full name as on your birth certificate.

A simple calculation nailing down your single-digit destiny number can help you understand your key traits and where you might go in life. Not just one phase of life, there are no limits in that sense that your destiny number impacts.

Our full name represents the outer self, exposed and aware. The Destiny Number that derives from it tells us how we present ourselves to the world and what most other people see and what impression they have of us. Your Life Path reveals your greater purpose, your Destiny Number offers insight as to how you will express your greater goals.