Lifestyle Word Cloud

Interpreting Lifestyle Cards

The Grimoire

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Our Lifestyle Word-Cloud uses a unique combination of science and psychic energies to see how the cards can help you right now.

How The Lifestyle Word Cloud Works

When you start the quiz you will be given a word cloud of about 20 words and 2 options

  • Click one word you are drawn to
  • Click Refresh if no words draw you

It’s important you choose negative as well as positive words if they mean something to you. The word(s) may literally be specific, either to you, someone close or a situation but you can also be drawn to a word without knowing why.


Lifestyle cards can be used almost daily to shed insight into what’s happening your life. A 2 card reading would similar to reading your horoscope each day. The Lifestyle Word Cloud would be better used for specific problems but sensibly a monthly readings would be good.