Am I Clairvoyant?


Choose a card to bring forward a spirit guide to advise on progressing your clairvoyant abilities.

If you prefer a quiz try Am I Psychic?

Am I Clairvoyant
One Card Answer

6 Signs You’re Clairvoyant

  • Seeing twinkling lights just out of sight
  • ‘See’ random images, shapes, colors
  • Find it easy to visualize/use your imagination
  • Love art, nature and other creative things
  • Have seen a spirit in your minds eye
  • Have vivid dreams or a psychic vision


This is a yes-no-maybe pick a card reading. Please only take what resonates with you, leave what doesn’t.

Am I Psychic? Quiz.

We all have clairvoyant abilities to some extent. Whilst very few ‘gifted’ people don’t have to work at it, even the most well known clairvoyants will have taken a lot of time to develop their clairvoyant abilities. 

One card readings should never determine your life or the spiritual choices you make. They should only be seen as advice, encouragement or guidance. Always trust your instincts.