Spirit Guide Name

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Who is my spirit guide name?
Who is your guide?

Spirit Guides all have identifying characteristics and starting with a name helps to tune in on the other signifying traits.

Identifying the energy of at least one guide helps build our trust in the spirit world. Guides are often willing to communicate as collective energies so your ‘guide’ to begin with may not be your individual spirit guide. 

Until you get a name, you can and will receive communications with them in many ways, and putting a name to the energy is useful.

Does it matter what their names are?

  • Identify the energy
  • Establish a connection
  • Connect with them by archetype name

Each of your guides will have slightly different energies, personalities, opinions, and vibrations. You will be able to pick up and learn these in time, but the archetypal name of your spirit guide(s) is something you can pick up right now.

To get the name of your spirit guide select 1 of the 78 spirit guide cards – don’t rush, feel the energies and choose the one you are drawn to.