The Nurse

A spirit guide closely associated with Capricorn is The Nurse. Today the stars ask you to consider where the subject of is relevant in your life.

Capricorn in Love

A perfect love match for Capricorn is Taurus. Also very compatible is Virgo.

For more details for good and bad matches for Capricorn choose from the signs below.

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Daily Horoscope Capricorn Born Between December 22 and January 19

As a sign ruled by Saturn, the planet that teaches us about structure in our lives, Capricorn appreciates a firm foundation and a relationship based on routine. Once this is in order, you will be able to show your partner just how wonderful a life with you is. You most likely have a very busy schedule and need to have a partner who appreciates your workaholic mentality. A partner who naturally takes you out of your shell and shakes up your self-imposed routine might just be a keeper. As a person of fairness, you like to cut everything down the middle, so once these lines become blurred and you stop splitting the bill or let them make you feel completely attached, you just might be letting your guard down and falling for this person.

The Nurse, with your star sign card, can bring any of the following energies: intelligence, organized, luxury, sensible, melancholy, high social status, social butterfly, loyal, down to earth, witch, businesswoman, talents, wealth, financially independent, mature grounded female, welcoming, the finer things in life, kind, generous, homemaker, success, healer, nurturing, prosperity, no-nonsense, thoughtfulness, practical

In Reverse:, disorganized, chaos, poverty, disloyal, pretentious, neglect, impractical, overly ambitious, boring, mistrust, suspicion, mean-spirited, sociopath, possessive, shallow, bad mother, social climber, cheater, unhealthy weight, jealousy, dark magic, manipulation, out of control, dangerous, wicked, ungrounded

Ideal Professions for Capricorn in Love: Banker, editor, administrator, IT, manager, and anything related to science

The Lizard

Among all the signs, no one is more driven to succeed than people under this sign. This is why they are given the mountain goat as a figure. They have the need to climb the top, and at the same time, they have the right focus and footing to do so. Above all else, Capricorns are hard-working. They are more than willing to put in hours for countless nights, as long as it will lead to their goal. This is also why many of the world’s renowned leaders, mathematicians, teachers, and scientists often belong under this sign. Their decisions will always be realistic and logical, and they immediately see the bottom line, which makes them ideal partners in both love and career.

A spirit animal closely associated with Capricorn in Love is The Lizard.

With The Lizard, alongside your star sign card, you can expect any of these following energies: hopelessness, abuse, cheating, ill temper, ravage, dependency, powerlessness, obsession, disaster, violence, controversy, depression, downfall, unexpected failure, addiction, secrecy, mental health issues, bondage, materialism, sexuality

In Reverse:, revelation, enlightenment, detachment, recovery, overcoming addiction, reclaiming power, freedom, release, divorce, independence