Pisces Love Horoscope

The Psychic

A spirit guide closely associated with Pisces is The Psychic. Today the stars ask you to consider where the subject of is relevant in your life.

Pisces in Love

A perfect love match for Pisces is Taurus. Also very compatible is Scorpio.

Daily Horoscope Pisces Born Between February 19 and March 20

When in love, Pisces give it their all, you go deeper than any other sign. When you find yourself in a room full of people but all you can hear and see is your other half, you know you are falling in love. A very giving creature you love to shower them in gifts, so when half your paycheck is spent on them, you can safely say you are smitten. You can be a very jealous creature and to those that ignite this part of you, beware – world war 3 ahead. When you feel a sense of possessiveness toward them, you are on your way to saying those three little words.

The Psychic, with your star sign card, can bring any of the following energies: warmth, psychic, romantic proposals, caring, attraction, artistic, diplomatic, intelligence, affection, sensitive, offers, invitations, tactful, following your heart, charm, taking action, emotional, dating, creative, gentle, gentlemanly behaviour, chivalry, romantic dreamer, peace loving, being swept off your feet, imaginative, graceful

In Reverse:, turmoil, idleness, revoked offers or proposals, manipulator, heartbreaker, procrastination, fraud, cheating, jumping to conclusions, one night stand, trouble-making, obsession, lack of diplomacy, homosexuality, moodiness, disappointment, bad news, tantrums, avoiding confrontation, untruthful, sensuality, deception, unrequited love

Ideal Professions for Pisces in Love: Nurse, physical therapist, psychologist, philanthropist, veterinarian, artist

The Peacock

Pisceans are signified by the fish, because they are very secretive. Fish live in water, and this makes them mysterious and sometimes unfathomable. Despite their dedication, passion, and compassion, they don’t easily reveal themselves to others. Once they do, however, these few selected souls are lucky to experience the inner vibrancy and life of these gentle people. As if truly living underwater, people born under this sign also have little worlds of their own inside their heads. They love daydreaming, and this often leads to brilliant ideas and unthinkable imaginations.

A spirit animal closely associated with Pisces in Love is The Peacock.

With The Peacock, alongside your star sign card, you can expect any of these following energies: leadership, applause, success, being in the spotlight, acclaim, achievement, stability, praise, being a leader, riding high, having the advantage, supporters, triumph, victory, goodwill, pride, fame, good news, celebrity, winning, recognition, crowds, confidence, well-wishers, sharing your victories, fans, awards, strength, self-esteem

In Reverse:, broken promises, pride in riches, failure, fame hungry, egotistical, being hunted, postponement, pride before a fall, treachery, disgrace, losing, ill-will, disadvantage, lack of achievement/recognition/ support/ confidence/ endurance, diva, disloyalty, mob/ pack mentality, bad news, weakness, arrogant, being a follower, disappointment