Soul Family Test


A  soul family is NOT the spiritual equivalent to your birth family here on earth as some sites suggest. They may take the form of friends and relatives here but could actually be anyone in your life, including someone you dislike intensely or consider your enemy. When you meet them, they no NOT necessarily feel like your siblings, parents or children but simply someone you feel you ‘know’ from somewhere but can’t quite place where.

About Our Soul Family Test

Quiz: No email or registration needed.   Instant answer.
2 simple sections of 26 questions each to find 3 spirit archetypes who will each represent a member of your soul family. They may be in your life right now or coming into it shortly.

Part 1: Each question will give you words to quickly look at and choose any words you feel drawn to. This section should take no more than 5 minutes.

It’s important you choose negative as well as positive words if they mean something to you. The word(s) may literally be specific, either to you, someone close or a situation but you can also be drawn to a word without knowing why.

Just quickly scroll up and down and click any words you are drawn to. In part 2 you can click ‘unsure’ if you don’t know why you were drawn to it.

Part 2: You will be given a new selection of words (max 26) and be asked to rate how relevant the word or phrase is; Unsure, Very Meaningful, I can relate, Neutral or Negative Association.

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Interpreting the Result

The answer comes in the form of 3 spirit guide archetypes who will each represent a member of your soul family.

There are many reasons why some souls reincarnate as a group. We are not really meant to know of those reasons, although often soul families learn from each other, rather then commonly held ideas of karmic debt being repaid.

Look for meaning in each guide that comes for you. Good or bad, can you relate it to a person or situation in your life? Each spirit guide card has many meanings. It may be upright or reversed. If reversed, it’s up to YOU to decide why the spirit energies come in reverse, and which of its many possible meanings are particularly relevant right now.

By understanding why the guide came forward, you will be able to determine who is in your soul family.

You can take the test more than once but please remember it’s quite possible more than 1 guide may refer to  a person or situation, ie the 3 guides may refer to the same member of your soul family.