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Ok, lets start by dispelling a few myths about our spirit guides including Indian Spirit Guides.  You are going to hear me say this many times throughout this site so please try and take this on board.

You have one or more spirit guides that will hang around forever or for a large chunk of your life.  They can be your great grandmother or maybe Aunt Tillie who is so distant a relation that you don’t know or can’t remember her.  They may be unknown and unrelated to you in this lifetime.

In addition to this we have spirit guides that come to us briefly or for longer periods as and when we need them or they can help us with a specific problem.  Sometimes these can be animals.  It is highly unlikely you will have an animal as your main sprit guide but not impossible,  Now the fun stuff:-

How do I contact an Indian Spirit Guide?

Basically you don’t – they contact you.  You can ask for an Indian Spirit to come and assist you but you need to ask yourself why you think you need this and if it’s ego that’s getting in the way then think again.  There is one concept I know you will find hard to accept but many of the spirit guides we, and even more experienced clairvoyants, think are coming through are not as they appear.  These guides are sometimes actual incarnate beings, or even animals, but more frequently they are archetypal energies and they will show themselves to you in a form they think you can accept at that particular time in your spiritual progress.  So do you still want to contact an Indian Spirit Guide?

The Teacher
  • Nagual – Aztec Indian spirit guides – The nahual is generally an old Indian with red eyes, who knows how to turn himself into a dog, woolly, black and ugly.
  • Tinihowi – Achomawi Indian spirit guides – A primitive religious spirit belonging to the tribe known for fishing. The Achumawis didn’t wear long headdresses like the Sioux. Achumawi women wore woven basket caps. The Achumawis didn’t usually paint their faces, but they did wear tribal tattoos.
  • Tsentsak  -South American Indian spirit guide – Tsentsak are invisible pathogenic projectiles or magical darts utilized in indigenous and mestizo shamanic practices for the purposes of sorcery and healing
  • Wayob  -Mayan Indian spirit guides – (plural) a term specifically denoting the Mesoamerican nagual, that is, a person who can transform into an animal while asleep in order to do harm

Some brief random definitions of so called Indian Spirit Guides, taken from folklore and romanticised for a purpose.  I am not saying don’t attempt to call on these energies – they may have traits/qualities/experience that will help you – but do your homework first.  It isn’t a one size fits all.  What qualities are you looking for?  What do you need guidance with right now?  Is it just a pretty picture you want or do you have something in mind they can help with?

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