How To Contact Your Spirit Guide

Contacting Your Spirit Guide for the First Time

Contact with the Spirit World
Spirit Contact

When we make our first contact with the spirit world it can be very scary, very exciting or anything in between . This very much depends on what you were expecting, if indeed you were expecting it at all.  Many people experience their first spirit contact from a loved one that has not long passed to spirit and are both frightened and confused to find lights going on and off, doors blowing shut, things appearing where you are almost sure you never left them and so on.

So if you found this post because this is happening to you, let me assure you that it is almost certainly a relative that is trying to catch your attention.  They usually just want you to know they haven’t ‘gone’, that they are still their watching over you. They may want to make more formal contact, and if that’s the case it’s entirely up to you and them whether you want this to happen.  More on that below – see unwanted spirit contact.  Rarely (but it does happen) you will find mischief makers and contrary to popular belief from the drama queens, this is almost never cause for alarm.  Seriously, what would you do if someone you know teased you and it bothered you?  Not go into a full on melt down I hope?

Spirit Contact
First Spirit Contact

So let’s suppose it’s your Gran that’s in contact; she may have not long passed or she may have passed to spirit some time ago.  I will say at this point it’s unlikely that someone recently passed will come to visit straight away.  Believe it or not, they have things to sort out and get their own heads around.  They may come at the first chance they can or they may not make contact until they have something to say.  This can often be at a time when you are having difficulties of some sort.

Now everyone can access the spirit world, but usually more accurate spirit contact doesn’t come until you are willing and ready for the experience.  In addition, getting yourself into that “quiet place” where you are receptive is something that takes quite a bit of practice, even for those used to meditating.  Unless you have a lot of time and energy to devote to the subject, don’t expect spirit to “talk” in sentences with precise information.

I need to say at this point, I am not a believer in terms like “find a sacred place” and “don’t forget to protect yourself“.  Yes spirit contact can drain your energy if you don’t take care, but then so can being around certain people that are still on this side. I’m not a fan of the horror stories some people promote but I will say if you want to go further than seeing if you can glean the odd bit of contact with gran then it would be as well to find yourself a spiritualist church or a development circle.  I don’t recommend you randomly buy online as there is so much crap written lately it’s worrying.  However if you are going to do it, go for something like John Edward, who is very down to earth and you won’t go far wrong.

Unwanted Spirit Contact

I’m going to make this very simple for you.  JUST SAY NO! I know people that complain they get no peace because people in spirit are constantly “popping in”  asking them to give a message to someone.  For heavens sake, if someone was repeatedly knocking on your door asking to leave a message or parcel with you for a neighbour, what would you do?  At first you do it, then you politely try and and so no, then you firmly say no and if that fails you tell them to bugger off!!  It doesn’t matter who it is, granny or your spirit guide, if it’s unwanted or intrusive then you need to set boundaries.