Cartomancy Cards

Cartomancy is part of psychic reading science.

Our free cartomancy reading uses all 52 cards plus 26 additional cards, 78 in all. This is one of our more popular divination tools. Cartomancy is similar to tarot in that it uses cards (standard playing cards) to see the lessons and situations surrounding your questions, helping you find your pathway.

The Major Cards

The Ace Card
The Black Ace Card
Black Ace
The Red Ace Card
Red Ace
The Red Black Ace Card
Red Black Ace
The Joker Card
The Black Joker Card
Black Joker
The Red Joker Card
Red Joker
The Red Black Joker Card
Red Black Joker
The Jack Card
The Black Jack Card
Black Jack
The Red Jack Card
Red Jack
The Red Black Jack Card
Red Black Jack
The Queen Card
The Black Queen Card
Black Queen
The Red Queen Card
Red Queen
The Red Black Queen Card
Red Black Queen
The King Card
The Black King Card
Black King
The Red King Card
Red King
The Red Black King Card
Red Black King
The King and Queen Card
King and Queen
The Queen and Jack Card
Queen and Jack

The Clubs Suit

The Ace of Clubs Card
Ace of Clubs
The Two of Clubs Card
Two of Clubs
The Three of Clubs Card
Three of Clubs
The Four of Clubs Card
Four of Clubs
The Five of Clubs Card
Five of Clubs
The Six of Clubs Card
Six of Clubs
The Seven of Clubs Card
Seven of Clubs
The Eight of Clubs Card
Eight of Clubs
The Nine of Clubs Card
Nine of Clubs
The Ten of Clubs Card
Ten of Clubs
The Joker of Clubs Card
Joker of Clubs
The Jack of Clubs Card
Jack of Clubs
The Queen of Clubs Card
Queen of Clubs
The King of Clubs Card
King of Clubs

The Hearts Suit

The Ace of Hearts Card
Ace of Hearts
The Two of Hearts Card
Two of Hearts
The Three of Hearts Card
Three of Hearts
The Four of Hearts Card
Four of Hearts
The Five of Hearts Card
Five of Hearts
The Six of Hearts Card
Six of Hearts
The Seven of Hearts Card
Seven of Hearts
The Eight of Hearts Card
Eight of Hearts
The Nine of Hearts Card
Nine of Hearts
The Ten of Hearts Card
Ten of Hearts
The Joker of Hearts Card
Joker of Hearts
The Jack of Hearts Card
Jack of Hearts
The Queen of Hearts Card
Queen of Hearts
The King of Hearts Card
King of Hearts

The Spades Suit

The Ace of Spades Card
Ace of Spades
The Two of Spades Card
Two of Spades
The Three of Spades Card
Three of Spades
The Four of Spades Card
Four of Spades
The Five of Spades Card
Five of Spades
The Six of Spades Card
Six of Spades
The Seven of Spades Card
Seven of Spades
The Eight of Spades Card
Eight of Spades
The Nine of Spades Card
Nine of Spades
The Ten of Spades Card
Ten of Spades
The Joker of Spades Card
Joker of Spades
The Jack of Spades Card
Jack of Spades
The Queen of Spades Card
Queen of Spades
The King of Spades Card
King of Spades

The Diamonds Suit

The Ace of Diamonds Card
Ace of Diamonds
The Two of Diamonds Card
Two of Diamonds
The Three of Diamonds Card
Three of Diamonds
The Four of Diamonds Card
Four of Diamonds
The Five of Diamonds Card
Five of Diamonds
The Six of Diamonds Card
Six of Diamonds
The Seven of Diamonds Card
Seven of Diamonds
The Eight of Diamonds Card
Eight of Diamonds
The Nine of Diamonds Card
Nine of Diamonds
The Ten of Diamonds Card
Ten of Diamonds
The Joker of Diamonds Card
Joker of Diamonds
The Jack of Diamonds Card
Jack of Diamonds
The Queen of Diamonds Card
Queen of Diamonds
The King of Diamonds Card
King of Diamonds