Oracle Cards

Full 78 Card Picture Gallery of Oracle Cards. No email, no registration, instant result. Free Oracle Readings and Energy Oracle Readings with our exclusive deck. Oracle decks are a tool of self-reflection to add to your spiritual toolbox.

Am I Psychic?

Instant Result – no email, no registration. We all have psychic abilities to some extent. Whilst very few ‘gifted’ people don’t have to work at it, even the most well known psychics will have taken a lot of time to develop their psychic abilities. 

Can Dogs See Ghosts?

Have you ever wondered whether your dog is able to sense spirits? Dogs and other canines have extraordinary senses that are much sharper than ours. As much as we’d like to believe there is some truth to the idea that dogs can sense the spirit world, we just don’t know.

Name Compatibility Test

Instant – no email, no registration. Do you share a soul connection with that special someone? Is he or she your special person? This is a simple Love Compatibility Calculator which displays love match percentage based on full names.

Free Numerology Reading

Instant Free Numerology Reading – no email, no registration. Use the number calculators above for an in depth, more long term look at your numerology, or take this easy one card reading for daily guidance.

Numerology Calculator

Instant Numerology Calculators – no email, no registration. Find your Life Path Number, Destiny Number, Karmic Number and Karmic Debt or try out name compatibility test. Numbers are everywhere

Astrology Chart

Instant Free Birth Chart Reading – no email, no registration. Find your life path number plus your birth date guides. Each of your 6 birth chart spirit guides will use their experiences and personalities to find common ground with your life today.  They will indicate the strength of this connection. If the energies come in reverse then it should be treated as a warning.

Soul Family (Soul Group)

What is a Soul Family? First of all I dislike the phrase Soul Family, preferring Soul Group which is far more descriptive as the term does not always apply to your family in this life. Free Soul Family Readings & Quizzes

Who is my Spirit Guide Quiz

No email or registration needed. Our easy Spirit Guide Quiz taps into your subconscious with 12 simple questions to find several spirit guides around you then presents you with a few more relevant questions to find the guide that is helping you right now. What does this spirit guide want to say to you?

7 Chakras

Instant Free Chakra Reading – no email, nor registration – Are your chakras in balance? Find out with our 1 card reading and unique Chakra Oracle cards. Chakras are all interrelated so when one of them is imbalanced, it causes a disturbance in the other chakras as well.

Spirit Guidance (Quiz)

Asking Spirit Guides for Help – Word Cloud Quiz – No email or registration needed. Instant answer. Our Spirit Guidance Word-Cloud uses a unique combination of subconscious energies and help from spirit to select the best spirit guide archetype to guide you.

Yes No Oracle

Instant Free Yes or No Oracle Reading – no email, nor registration – Ask our Oracles for a simple yes no answer – Full Answer from 3 cards – Choose your deck – Spirit Guides, Angels, Spirit Animals, Power Animals, Past Life