Spirit Animal Quizzes

The idea of spirit animals reaches back to ancient times, when we humans had a more intimate and mutual relationship with the animals we shared the earth with.

Although the concept is associated with shamanism, you needn’t be a shaman or even be particularly interested in shamanism to benefit from having a relationship with a power animal. Also, the idea of animal spirit guides is not exclusive to any one culture, but is found in some form in nearly all cultures.

The source of power for your animal spirit guide isn’t just a single animal, but the entire species. For instance, if your power animal is Bear, it’s not just any particular bear, but an animal spirit guide that’s representative of the entire species of bears.

Spirit Guide Quizzes

When all spirits were created, you (as a spirit) were created with the ability to incarnate here on earth. In other words, you have the unique ability to exist not only in the spiritual realm, in your natural state of existence, but in the physical realm as well.

So you were created with the ability to live as many lifetimes as you wish here in the physical realm, in order to learn and grow spiritually to the best of your ability. You choose when to incarnate here on earth, as well as how many lifetimes you would like to experience. This allows you to gain knowledge that is only possible for you to obtain by living many lifetimes.

Spirit Guides are regular spirits, just like you, who have incarnated here on earth at least one time before. These spirits make a choice, or choose, to become a Spirit Guide to other spirits.

Although you have one main Spirit Guide, you can have other Spirit Guides join you throughout your lifetime journey. Your Spirit Guides are your protectors. As a spiritual being yourself, it is important that you have spiritual support, even if you choose to ignore it.