Ophiuchus Spirit Animal

The spirit archetype card associated with Ophiuchus is The Serpent.

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Ophiuchus the Serpent

Dreaming of snakes represents powerlessness, fear, envy, or even resentment about other peoples success. You need to find your own meaning among the usual meanings, as dreams can mean something in your life or can be related to a person around you.

There are many interpretations when a snake appears in dreams but it doesn’t necessarily have a negative meaning. Like a snake sheds it’s skin so can a situation in your life be metamorphizing into something you are happy with.

Freuds analysis of snake dreams has a sexual interpretation. It is thought that snakes can represent men in your life, especially if the snake slides into your bed or the dream is otherwise erotic. Snakes can symbolise sexual energy.

As a power animal you can call on Ophiuchus to protect you. By asking Ophiuchus to stay around you or watch over you in your dreams you can be sure any negative energy from people in your life will not affect you. He can also bring warnings.

When Ophiuchus showing his fangs it refers to someone or something not to be trusted. If you dream of this, there are two kinds of warnings . First, there’s someone in your life who you should not trust so blindly. Second, there’s a truth that you know and you are deceiving yourself by not acknowledging it.

If you are uncomfortable with snakes you can still ask Ophiuchus to protect you.  You can ask him not to appear to you or to stand back in your dreams.  You many even find you begin to lose your fear of snakes with Ophiuchus as your power animal protecting you..


Ophiuchus can bring any of the following energies: abandonment, loneliness, looking for the truth, courage, introspection, withdrawal, fatigue, leaving a bad situation, abandoning plans, travelling, escapism, self-discovery, looking deeper, self-analysis, walking away, letting go, reaching limit, emotional strength, disappointment, misery

In Reverse:, faking happiness, stagnation, pleasure, lack of self-worth, accepting your lot, lack of emotional maturity, success, low self-esteem, fear of commitment, lack of self-awareness, clinginess, staying in a bad situation, joy, fear of moving on, monotony

You can click The Serpent for more detail about how this card influences Ophiuchus Spiritscopes but first let’s see if the influence is positive or negative and how strong it is.


About Ophiuchus: People born under the sign of Ophiuchus are curious, open to change and passionate but can also be very jealous. Ophiuchus personality traits include an explosive temper, a great sense of humor, secretiveness, an over inflated ego and they can often be over eager for knowledge. They will have a real sense of family but tend to leave home at an early age. They tend to be loyal to their loved ones but can be fickle with others. They are best matched with Cancer, Taurus and Pisces, and least compatible with Leo, Gemini and Aries.