Karmic Dream Meaning

karmic dream meaning

Karma Dream Meanings?

What is Karma?

One of the most problematic aspects of karma is unresolved feelings from a past life, meaning we experience thoughts and feelings that aren’t our own. It can be something simple, like a phobia when we have no idea where it comes from.

Identifying karmic dreams is not easy. It’s really a process of elimination.

Bearing in mind we are not meant to know about past lives, it is way more likely that our dreams relate symbolically to our daily life. Some people believe dreams can be prophetic although I am inclined to think these glimpses of the future have more to do with our spirit guides and helpers trying to tell us something about choices we are about to make.

Before looking to past life karma, rule out any dreams that occur only once or twice and any that have symbolic meaning for your waking life.

Karmic dreams can give us clues to past lives. If the dreams are fearful then they may explain irrational feelings in this life..  For example, fearing water due to a drowning in a past life. You may be able to put this together with clues from other dreams to get a rough picture of a past life.

Try not to think these dreams have hidden meanings or look for people you may have wronged in a past life (or vice versa). While such people may be in your life, karmic debt is not about paying back to individuals. It’s all about progression and life lessons. A simple example would be if one of life’s lessons was to treat your partner better, it doesn’t necessarily apply to someone you wronged in a past life.