Soul Family (Soul Group)

What is a Soul Family?

Soul GroupsFirst of all I dislike the phrase Soul Family, preferring Soul Group which is far more descriptive as the term does not always apply to your family in this life. A  soul family is NOT the spiritual equivalent to your birth family here on earth as some sites suggest. They may take the form of friends and relatives here but could actually be anyone in your life, including someone you dislike intensely or consider your enemy. When you meet them, they no NOT necessarily feel like your siblings, parents or children but simply someone you feel you ‘know’ from somewhere but can’t quite place where.

Of course it is quite possible that you will find the equivalent of you soulmate, commonly called you twin flame but the term is more correctly described by analogy to branches a very large tree where the tree is a universal energy, a collective consciousness, that we are all part of. So your soulmates are actually part of you in a way, some would say at a higher or different  vibration. In earthly form, we resonate more strongly with souls who are on the same branch or are closest to us. In truth, we are all soulmates, but those souls who are closest to us evoke the strongest soul memories.  That is not to say soul mates are always the ‘best of friends‘.

What is Past Life Karma?

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Soul Karma
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Nothing to do with retribution or punishment as in commonly thought.  We have all hear people say “karma’s a bitch” or “that’s karma!” when something comes back to bite us in the ass but that’s not what karma is about at all.  Using our past life karma quiz (please treat it as a bit of fun!) you will perhaps see how people around you are impacting your life (or you theirs) and sometimes not in a way you perceive as good, but that is karma, the lesson you came back to learn in this current incarnation, or maybe to help others with their life lessons, It’s all intertwined.

12 Signs someone is in your Soul Group

  1. With someone from your soul family, you feel they understand you
  2. You look forward to seeing them again
  3. You have infinite patience and tolerance for them
  4. You can tell your soul family anything
  5. You feel like you’ve always known them
  6. You know what each other is thinking
  7. You loose track of time when you are with them
  8. You can forgive their indiscretions
  9. You to help them with their shortcomings
  10. You can be apart but come together like it was yesterday
  11. You can feel when they have something to say even when apart
  12. A member of your soul group can be stranger but instantly attract you
Karma in Soul Families
Karma Balancing the Scales

Karma and Soul Groups

Are you attracted to a specific type of personality? Some of the lessons we need to learn in this incarnation involve karma. Often said to be soulmate type of relationships,  we neglect to look at those that aren’t quite so good, sometimes truly awful.  This is a lesson of karma in many instances.  Suppose for example, we were mentally abusive in a past life?  When we choose the lessons we want or need to learn, we will often choose to be on the receiving end of the equation in the next life.  Karma has nothing to do with punishment and everything to with understanding and the souls progress.

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