The Possum

Each one has one or more spirit animals that come whenever we need their guidance. Here are some pointers on how to find, connect, and develop a meaningful relationship with your power animal. Whether through dreams, meditation, natural observation, there are many ways to find out which is your power animal / animals . Keep in mind that you are likely to develop relationships with various power animals that will guide you through the various phases of your life.

The Possum – “The Possum represents abandonment. It can signify walking away from people or situations in your life or abandoning your plans. It can indicate disappointment, escapism and turning your back on or leaving bad situation. The Possum can also represent the exhaustion or weariness that can prompt such a decision. Strength and courage are necessary to walk away from what you know into an unknown future and these qualities are also represented in The Possum. It is a minor card representing travel so you could find yourself embarking on an adventure when this card appears in your reading. The Possum can signify loneliness, introspection, self-analysis and looking for the truth.”

Let your animal spirit animal choose you

There are many ways to find which power animal you are linked to. When you start on the path of discovery, it is important to remember that a power animal cannot be chosen as such – they “chooses” you. In most cases, animals will be more present when you travel outside of your daily conscious state – for example, during meditations, daytime dreams, night dreams, or other altered states of consciousness. ou can of course reject them  –  they won’t take offence although it would be a bit rude.

Ways to find your spirit animal

Finding your power animal can lead you to try different approaches. Here are some of the most common ways to get started:

  • Search in nature and look around you. Pay attention to animals and their behavior.
  • Be alert when an animal appears in your life in a way that is remarkable, when it has unusual behavior; it can be a power animal trying to get your attention
  • Watch for repetitive encounters with the animal, either in its physical or symbolic form
  • Read books about animals and reflect on an animal that is standing outside
  • Meditate either with the general intention of searching for a power animal or a specific animal you already found
  • Watch for animal dreams
  • Shamanic journeys (eg visualization accompanied by music

Find your power animal through meditation

Meditation provides an effective way to connect with your power animal. I use the term “meditation” as a means of relaxation and the use of active imagination to visualize and take an “inner journey . ” Set your intention that this inner journey is to connect with one or more animals.

The Badger

The Badger: – “In general The Badger is a very positive sign of health. Your energy level and vitality should be good, and again, if pregnancy is a possibility for you, whether you’re ready or not, The Badger says that you could very well conceive soon. So if you are not in the market, take the appropriate precautions, and then some. You are likely to be at least a little keyed up when The Badger appears; make time for rest and relaxation, no matter what.”

Using meditation allows you to drop into a different state of mind or altered state of consciousness where you are more receptive to the energy and intuitive wisdom of the spirits of power animals.

Finding your animals in dreams

Animals in dreams are common manifestations of images and unconscious orientation. If the animal in your dream is a power animal that has guided you in the past, pay special attention to the message of your dreams they deliver. Animals in dreams are either spiritual animals or do not usually represent:

  • Feelings that have not yet been fully recognized by the dreamer
  • Aspects of personality or feelings considered “wild” or difficult to control;
  • Basic instinctual drive or emotions;
  • An event or person of influence in the dreamer’s life
  • Intuitive guidance using the form of an animal guide spirit