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Connect With Spirit Guides and Extracts from ‘Spirit Guide’ by Raym.


As you visualise this love encircling the globe, see the pink spinning ball in front of you expand and spread slowly outwards, dissolving or absorbing fear and ignorance as it travels. As it reaches the farthest point on the planet and completes its journey, see any residue of negativity spun out into space where it is dissolved and transmuted into light.


At this still point, intend, see and feel, with all your heart, every part of this planet at peace. Some of the images you might choose to create could be well fed children playing in an unpolluted environment, soldiers laying down their arms and embracing their foes, industrialists planting flowers and trees and releasing pure by-products into our environment, the affluent sharing their personal wealth with those less fortunate, indigenous people everywhere celebrating on their ancient sacred sites, arm in arm with those who have sought to suppress their birthright. Religious leaders agreeing that there is, always has been and always will be, one supreme creative being that we are all part of, that loves all equally and that knows no theological, philosophical, geographical, ethnic or financial boundaries.


Gaia and our mass consciousness responds to our projections instantly. If we choose to focus our energies positively, we can affect reality for all beings in this dimension and beyond. The first powerful step in creating Heaven on Earth is to crystallise our preferred reality in our own consciousness and then share it with the mass consciousness via group visualisation.


This meditation should always finish in the following manner. You and your group should say out loud:


“We call on the Universe and all beings of light who love us unconditionally, to witness our focused dedication to a peaceful planetary evolution. We dedicate ourselves to working for peace, light and love in every aspect of our daily lives.

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Connect With Spirit Guides


Connect With Spirit Guides and other Spirit Guide Terms


You incarnated into contemporary Western society and that is where you are. You may not like it but you understand it. Because you are in a human body now, it is not appropriate to escape into some drifting half reality of myth and legend. That is not what you came here to do. You came here to share light, love and knowledge. You are a fearless warrior. You have all the tools you need at your disposal. You were born with them.


You have been here before, you are highly trained, confident and versatile and you can pass off as one of the locals without any difficulty at all. In fact it has been so long since you communicated with another team member you probably believe you ARE one of the locals. The rest of the team is up and at ‘em. So rise and shine – try some ancient native wisdom. Time to wake up!


I strongly recommend participating in any positive Native American ritual (e.g. a sweatlodge or pipe ceremony) that calls to you. Experiencing that, along with the affirmation under “Recalling the priest or priestess you were” (suitably reworded if you wish), should jog your memory. Participation is the key. Reading and listening are not enough to dislodge deep cellular memories – actions speak louder than words.


Shamanism is a solitary way of honouring the Earth and all her creatures and spirits. In all tribal cultures there is at least one shaman or medicine wo/man. They live on the fringes of the tribe and are respected not only for their healing powers but because they act as an intermediary between the physical plane and the spiritual plane. They go to places most people fear, and they return with useful information for their tribe.


Shamans are not always chosen by their three dimensional elders. Many suddenly discover by some unexpected inter-dimensional or out-of-body experience that they have the ability to walk between worlds. It is clear that they have been chosen by the spirit world to be the next shaman in this world, and they receive support and training from the existing shaman on their new path.